Create the ML model with Xcode

3 min readSep 16, 2020

How to make the image classification ML model using Xcode 11 “Create ML”

1. Various Machine Learning

Identification and Estimation

  • Sales and stock forecasts, image classification, product recommendation, taxi dispatch

Supervised learning and unsupervised learning

Reinforcement learning

  • Alpha Go

Natural language processing

2. The typical procedure for using machine learning

3. How to make image classification ML model using Xcode 13 “Create ML”

3–1. Collecting Data and data preparation

step 1. Collecting image data

  • For example, downloading images from Web sites or taking pictures by a camera.

step 2. Create Training data folder and Testing data folder

step 3. Create labeling folders depending on the classification name

step 4. Move the collected image data to their respective folders

  • 3 ~ 5 images are needed for testing

3–2. “Create ML”

step1. Running up “Create ML” app on your Mac OS

step2. Chose directory to save project

step3. Choose “Image Classifier”

step4. Add project name, then next button

step5. Add project name, then next button

Create ML tools explanation

step6. Import Testing Data folder and Training Data folder, then select “Start” button

step7. Finally ML model is got in “Output” menu

step8. If you want to test for another image data, we can import additional test data